Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy laws are designed to help good people rebuild their financial lives. The filing of bankruptcy is never the final chapter, it is simply a move designed to give one a fair chance to rebuild.

There is a lot of misinformation circulating around out there about what the filing of bankruptcy involves and how it can impact one’s life. The reality is that bankruptcy is a powerful tool that uses federal law to eliminate or restructure many types of debt. Under the guidance of a qualified attorney, the United States Bankruptcy Code may help a family save their home, restore one’s financial future, and ease the stress associated with overwhelming debt. Often times, one will find that the filing of bankruptcy causes little harm to one’s credit. In fact, once the bankruptcy is over, most people are simply amazed at how quickly their credit score grows.

Speckman Law Firm has filed hundreds upon hundreds of Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies. In doing so, we have helped families save their homes, rebuild their financial condition and restore peace of mind. You deserve to get some honest and straight answers to your questions about whether bankruptcy makes sense. The consultation is free – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Call us today.

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is the pursuit of one’s legal rights though the court system. Whether the matter concerns a breach of a confidence, fraud, or negligence, Speckman Law Firm has nearly twenty years of experience aggressively representing those harmed by the wrongful conduct of others. Since 1997, Speckman Law Firm has obtained well over $10 million for its clients. Speckman Law Firm – when losing is not an option.

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Do accidents just happen? Usually not. Most accidents result from someone’s negligence or carelessness. Negligence occurs when one fails to conduct himself in a manner expected in a civilized society. When one’s negligence harms another, the wrongdoer is legal responsible to compensate the victim for all injuries resulting from the negligent conduct, including property damage, medical bills, lost earnings, physical pain, and loss of enjoyment of life. Sounds simple enough. In practice, however, the process is often not so straightforward or fair.

When one is injured due to the negligence of another, we expect the wrongdoer’s insurance company to take responsibility and pay compensation for actual injuries suffered. This seldom occurs. Well financed insurance companies have made an art form of denying the claims of victims. The math is simple: collect insurance premiums for as long as possible and when a claim is eventually made, deny or challenge the claim.

Without the help of a skillful attorney, one who has sustained an injury is likely to be harmed again – this time financially. We know how to fight insurance companies and beat them at their own game. At Speckman Law Firm, we have represented over one hundred accident victims in their dealings with overly zealous insurance companies. We have recovered over $10 Million for those harmed by others. Let us fight for you.

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Choosing An Attorney

Selecting an attorney to represent you in any manner is a critical decision. The attorney-client relationship is unique as it is built entirely upon trust and confidence. It is critical that the attorney you choose not only understand the particularities of your situation and have a solid grasp of relevant law, but also that there is a good fit. When selecting an attorney, inquire about his/her experience, training, and successes. Look for one who has the competence, skill and intellect to adequately represent you. Be wary if the attorney seems to blindly promise success or is evasive about the risks involved in any case or undertaking. Look for someone with a proven track record and do not be shy about asking for references. Above all, only hire an attorney after you have met with the person face-to-face and are able to judge for yourself whether this is the individual with whom you wish to place your trust. Remember, choosing the wrong attorney can make the difference between success and failure.

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