Negotiate a Settlement

Negotiate A SettlementOne alternative solution is to negotiate a settlement with the creditor or plaintiff. The benefit of a negotiated solution is that you, as the client, retain control over the decision making process. You will have the power to make, accept or reject a proposed offer. A well negotiated solution is often far better than a forced solution, which may include a judgment, garnishment, or levy.

Successful negotiation is an art form. Achieving the optimum result for the client is not a matter of merely countering with numerical offer or demand; a good negotiator sells the advantages of a proposed offer to the opposing side. Good negotiation requires patients, persistence, tenacity and creativity.

At Speckman Law Firm we have negotiated hundreds of complex cases to a successful conclusion. As an advocate, Mr. Speckman has settled millions in debt for pennies on the dollar. As a certified mediator, Mr. Speckman has helped many litigants resolve their disputes. Negotiating a resolution with your creditors is an achievable goal provided that you have the help of those with proven negotiating skills. Call us today to arrange a confidential consultation with Attorney David Speckman to discuss your situation.

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