Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcies are used by businesses and some individuals to reorganize existing debt. Generally, one looking at a Chapter 11 bankruptcy has a going business that is struggling with a significant amount of debt. By filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the client is given needed time to move the business in a positive direction without the fear that a creditor will take some unilateral action that could cause permanent harm. If you have a viable business that just needs a new chance, than a Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be the answer.

We have helped several businesses and individuals reorganize and renegotiate debt while under the protection of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We have the knowledge and expertise to prepare and have approved a plan of reorganization that may save your company. Chapter 11 is not the end, it is a new beginning. Call us today to arrange a free consultation with Attorney David Speckman to discuss your unique situation.

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