Eliminate Second Mortgage

Are you ready for one of the best kept secrets for property owners? You may be able to remove the second loan or HELOC from your home or rental property without negotiating with the bank and without any tax consequence! Using the provisions afforded by the United States Bankruptcy Code, Speckman Law Firm has helped hundreds of people do just that – eliminate their second mortgage.

The process is called “lien stripping” and it works within the context of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While there are several variables that must be considered before undertaking to “strip” a junior lien (which may include a second mortgage, line of credit, HOA lien, or judgment lien), we have the expertise and experience to help our clients succeed – in fact we have never lost a motion to strip a junior lien! Even better, other than the cost of an appraisal, the client is generally not required to directly pay the cost of preparing and filing a “lien strip” motion.

The opportunity to “strip” a second loan or line of credit is quickly coming to an end. For your financial well-being, please do not wait to call us – your delay could cost you for the next 30 years! Call us today for a free confidential consultation with Attorney David Speckman to determine if you can “lien strip” your second mortgage, line of credit. HOA lien, judgment lien, or whatever lien is encumbering your property.

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