Elder Abuse

There is little more despicable than wrongful conduct that targets the elderly. Elder abuse, which may consist of physical or financial abuse, is treated seriously in California and Nevada. Physical elder abuse may result from the negligent or intentional mishandling of someone over the age of 65. Whether at the hands of a trusted care provider or a stranger, the law protects the elderly from physical harm and allows for the recovery of attorney’s fees by the successful elderly litigant – a benefit not normally found in the law.

Financial elder abuse results from wrongful conduct against someone over the age of 65 which causes the victim to sustain a financial loss. Financial elder abuse may result from something as simple as stealing money from an elderly person or from a complex scheme designed to perpetrate fraud. Whether physical or financial, Speckman Law Firm has successfully prosecuted several elder abuse cases, obtaining millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for our elderly clients. Most elder abuse cases can be undertaken on a contingency fee basis – so, if we do not win, you pay us nothing. Call us today to arrange a free consultation with Attorney David Speckman to discuss your case or the case of an elderly loved one.

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