Fraud Litigation

Fraud claims are serious matters that are given special scrutiny in our judicial system. Generally, fraud involves a false promise or misrepresentation of an important fact. Fraud claims are often seen in situations in which one feels that s/he did not receive what was promised in a deal. For instance, if the seller of a car represented to the buyer that a vehicle had 25,000 miles on the odometer when in fact it had 50,000 and the seller know at the time of the sale, the seller may properly be accused of fraud.

Fraud can be used to recover damages or to negate one’s consent to a contract – so as to unwind the transaction. A recovery on a fraud claim may result in the return of what was given to the wrong doer, plus actual damages, or the difference in the value of what was promised and what was actually received. In the example above, if the buyer sued for fraud, she may be able to unwind the deal and recover the money she paid for the vehicle, plus actual damages, or she might seek to recover the difference in the value between the vehicle actually received in relation to what she had been promised (i.e., the difference in the value of a car with 50,000 miles rather than 25,000 miles).

Fraud cases can be complex and require a special level of proof to win. Knowing what rights and remedies are available to one who has been defrauded requires experience and knowledge. At Speckman Law Firm, we have been representing victims of fraud for nearly two decades. We know how to win and how to maximize your recovery. Please call us today for a confidential consultation with Attorney David Speckman.

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