Lender/Loan Modification Fraud

These have been tough times for many homeowners. Not long ago, unscrupulous lenders and loan brokers took advantage of many homeowners or those who aspired to own a home by misrepresenting the terms and nature of loan products offered. The results of which have been devastating as countless families have lost their home, peace of mind and financial future.

Compounding the problem, homeowners facing financial difficulties often become the target of con-artists who promise to modify an existing loan, reduce the size of a loan, sue the bank for a “lost” promissory note, or some other half-baked scam. Often times, these “professionals” ask for upfront fees using such disguised terms as “processing fees”. Even worse, many homeowners have been conned into handing over title to their home or giving power of attorney to those intent on cheating them. Unscrupulous “professionals” will often give distressed homeowners false hope by using ambiguous language and quasi legal explanations that seem to ostensibly make sense. The homeowner is then tricked into paying thousands of dollars for “services” that have no chance of success.

If you have been asked to pay money to someone who failed to deliver on a loan modification or if you feel you have been victimized be an unscrupulous lender, broker, attorney, or someone else call us today to arrange a free confidential consultation with Attorney David Speckman to discuss your options and whether you have the right to sue to recovery money damages. Mr. Speckman will explain the law using plain and clear language. Mr. Speckman will explain your rights and help lift the cloud of confusion and uncertainty. Mr. Speckman will help you. Call today.

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