Premises Liability

Every owner or user of property owes a duty to take reasonable steps to avoid harm to those who lawfully visit the property. In practice, this means that if a landowner/occupant fails to take reasonable steps to safe guard the welfare of a guest, for example by failing to install proper lighting or failing to clean a mess from the floor, and the guest is injured as a result of that failure, the injured person may legally recover from the owner/occupant for his/her loss, such as medical expenses, lost income, and general damages.

Premises liability cases are aggressively defended by insurance companies and large retailers. If you have been injured while visiting the property of another, whether at a retail store or someone’s home, you may have a claim for injuries. Each case is fact sensitive. Call us today for free analysis of your case. If we represent you in the matter, you will only pay for our service if we win.

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